Emergency Response Operations

Hiscall Emergency Response Operations

The HERO program is Hiscall’s answer to the uncertainty of doing business when a crisis occurs.  HERO (Hiscall Emergency Response Operations) encompasses Hiscall’s entire service infrastructure, mobilized to provide

Hiscall customers with access to service investment, responsiveness, and expertise to keep your business moving forward through an emergency. HERO is ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. We are prepared to keep your business operational in all situations through our personnel, GPS-tracked vehicles, a national distribution center, and a dispatch service center. 

Elements of the Hiscall H.E.R.O. program include:

  • 50+ Fleet vehicles
  • Service Hotline equipped and staffed for standard service inquiries and rapid emergency response
  • BICSI certified designers, system technicians and system engineers
  • Company-owned aircraft to deliver technicians & equipment within hours
  • Disaster Recovery Service
  • Emergency Response Operations


E-911 – Kari’s Law & Ray Baum Act

Emergency Response Operations

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